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Our research for clean, safe drinking water shows that our filtration units combined with the Everpure filtering systems provide the highest quality of drinking water without the hassle of changing bottles. Shealy Coffee offers these units with a monthly rental fee that includes free installation, automatic filter changes every 6 months and service should your unit ever malfunction. Both counter top and free standing units are available. Filter your automatic coffee brewer and small ice maker water from the same unit (if space allows) at no additional charge.

We also offer cases of Spring Water - 24 count cases of 16 oz. & 20 oz.

Filtration Units

Water filter systems deliver virtually unlimited supplies of clean, crisp, refreshing water without the hassles and headaches of bottled water. After all, bottled water poses many inconveniences including the weight and storage of large jugs, as well as the ongoing expenses involved with routine bottled water delivery. Filters are installed in bottless coolers or drinking fountains, providing your office with a continuous supply of fresh, clean drinking water at a substantial savings over bottled water. Not only will water taste better with a filtration system, the inside of the filtration unit is completely sealed and never comes in contact with outside air, which is a major cause of contamination when changing bottled water.

Office water filters also reduce lead to below the Federal Action Level of 15 ppb.

Everpure water filters can provide you with better coffee, too. They can be plumbed directly to coffee brewers and other water-using appliances. With built-in scale inhibitors, Our filters prevent lime scale from accumulating and damaging equipment. Brewers work better, last longer and flawlessly deliver great-tasting coffee.

We can also place filtration units under sinks for filtering all your water in your breakroom. Just contact us and we'll do a complete analysis to determine exactly what type of filtration is best for your location.

Filter Options

.5 Micron is our Best Filter
10 Micron is our Good Filter

For more information about water filtration, visit the EVERPURE website. You can test your owen water through Everpure or we will do it for you.

Featured Product

alpine coolers Alpine Eliminator 6500

Our Most Popular Countertop Unit

alpine eliminator

  • Formed stainless reservoir
  • Mechanical double float system
  • HDPE blow mold cabinet
  • White or charcoal
  • 17 inch, to fit under most cabinets
  • Converts to bottle cooler Model 6500-POU