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Our Iced Tea Program includes the free use and maintenance for a 3 or 5-gallon commercial tea brewer with two tea urns. Additional machines and urns are available for use or rent depending on the volume of tea and coffee purchased.

The minimum purchase requirement to avoid an equipment rental fee is 2 cases per month. The rental fee for the machine will be $25 per month if this minimum is not met.

Also, if your water is poor quality, we will install a filter in the water line for a nominal $20 charge that will be automatically changed every 6 months for the same charge that will allow you to serve the absolute best tasting iced tea around.

Bunn 5 & 3 gallon Tea Machines

Delicious TEAS for Iced Tea:

Tea Filters 96 ct. 1 oz. (makes 96 gallons)
Tea Filters 32 ct. 3 oz. (makes 96 gallons)
Tea Filters 25 ct. 4 oz. (makes 72 or 120 gallons depending on strength desired)
Tea Loose Pack 38 ct. 5 oz. bag (makes 190 gallons)
Decaf Tea Filters 50 ct. 1 oz. (makes 50 gallons)
Decaf Tea Filters 48 ct. 4 oz. (makes 144 gallons using 1.3 oz. tea per gallon)

Find our coffee brewed at all Corner Pantry stores.

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