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Welcome to Shealy Coffee

Shealy Coffee is one of the largest locally owned coffee and beverage services in South Carolina. We've been in business for over 27 years. There's a reason for our longevity. We give the same incredible service to all of our customers, whether you have a few employees or thousands of customers. You will find us in all types of businesses from offices to retail establishments, to healthcare facilities to restaurants, and to convenience stores. We do it all.

We customize our services for every client. We'll work with you to decide the products, equipment and service schedule you need, so you never have to worry about your coffee or supplies again.

We will work with you to decide the products, equipment and service schedule you need.


Free use of the finest commercial brewing equipment available
Free regularly scheduled delivery service and equipment cleaning
In-house, expert maintenance staff to service your equipment when needed
Emergency out-of-stock service within 48 hours
Regular inventory maintenance

We distribute a full line of "green" (environmentally friendly) paper products at very competitive prices for your break room.

We also offer water filtration systems. Our research for clean, safe drinking water shows that our filtration units combined with the Everpure filtering systems provide the highest quality of drinking water without the hassle of changing bottles.

Wide array of programs to suit any clients needs
Locally owned and operated for over 26 years
Free trials available on any of our programs

Find our coffee brewed at all Corner Pantry stores.

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