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FLAVIA Creations 200 Brewer

For smaller office locations serving 10-20 employees...

FLAVIA Creations 400 Brewer

For larger office locations serving 20 or more employees...


• FLAVIA's 3-step process, Source • Seal • Serve™, sources the finest quality ingredients, seals them for freshness and serves a fresh cup every time.
• The FRESH RELEASE™ brew system releases seal ingredients direct from pack to cup for fresh taste with no crossover of flavor between drinks.
• Separate brew cycles for coffee and tea ensure the best extraction method needed to deliver the highest-quality drink
• Perfected temperature, flow rate of water and pressure extract the ultimate flavor, aroma and body.


• The unique FLAVIA technology offers a wide variety of coffees, teas, chocolates and specialties and the option to personalize your own drink.
• FLAVIA brewers have the ability to make 2-pack drinks such as cappuccinos, mochaccinos and lattes.
• All FLAVIA coffee and teas are Kosher certified.

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