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Cappuccino &

Flavored Cappuccino Program

flavored cappucino equipment

Shealy Coffee is proud to offer a complete Flavored Cappuccino Program, with a variety of flavors:

English Toffee
French Vanilla
Fat Free French Vanilla
Hot Chocolate

Espresso Based Drink Program

Espresso Equipment

Whole Bean Coffee Selections

Espresso Especiale and Decaffeinated Espresso Especiale are two special blends of New England Coffee designed specifically for brewing espresso based coffee drinks. This blend of four complimentary coffees creates a rich creama for an espresso that is mellower than traditional espresso, and distinctively enjoyable.

Espresso Especiale 2/4 lb. bags
Espresso Especiale Decaf 2/4 lb. bags
Italian Roast 2/4 lb. bags
Italian Roast Decaf 2/4 lb. bags

Espresso Pod Coffee

Espresso Pods are made using Espresso Especiale coffee. We offer decaf pods as well as a Double Pod for brewing two cups of espresso simultaneously.

Espresso Regular 150 ct.
Espresso Decaf 150 ct.
Espresso Double 150 ct.

Espresso Based Coffee Drinks

Caffe Espresso A demitasse of Espresso Especiale roasted coffee

Caffe Macchiatto A demitasse of espresso topped with a dollop of steamed milk

Cappuccino Single espresso with one part steamed milk and one part foamy steamed milk

Cafe Latte Single espresso and steamed milk topped with just a float of foamy steamed milk

Tall Skinny A tall latte made with nonfat or 1% milk

No Fun A latte made with decaffeinated espresso

Espresso Equipment

Shealy Coffee offers espresso machines, grinders and accessories for purchase. For purchasing, call 803.786.2251 or email shealy@shealycoffee.com for pricing. We do not loan or lease espresso equipment.

Espresso Equipment

Espresso Accessories

7 gram scoop
Auto Foaming Kit for Nuova Simonelli
Coffee Tamper
Knock Box
Pod Adapter for Nuova Simonelli
Steaming Pitcher
Thermometer for Steaming Pitcher
Water Softener Filter Kit

Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning Blank for Group Handle
Cleaning Brush for Group Head
Cleaning Tablets for WMF Machine
Cleaning Tablets for Nuova Simonelli
Cleaning Tables for Cafe Swiss
Liquid Cleaner for Auto Foam

Find our coffee brewed at all Corner Pantry stores.

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